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Posting your invitations


📩 A timely 👉 REMINDER 👈 for those posting their Wedding Invitations 📩 Please know that your invitations may not be of standard size and with embellishments of any form may not be suitable to pass through automated machinery, they will need further postage to ensure they arrive at their destinations safely & undamaged. Perhaps check with your local Post Office prior to posting. The photo was sent to me by a Bride, pretty much all of her Invitations arrived at guests in this way as they passed through regular post 😢 and the embellishments on the invitations were no longer attached. Also remember to factor in the extra postage in your budget, sometimes it’s a simple matter of changing the shape of the invitation to reduce the postage. If there’s 100 invitations, reducing the postage from $2 each to $1 each you’re saving yourself $100 !! There’s also the option of an invitation box rather than an envelope for those invitations that include a decent sized embellishment, they are slightly more expensive than an envelope but do post as a large letter and add a nice touch to your invitations 💌

Posting your invitations


Please be aware that your invitations may well be not of a standard size and require further postage than that of regular size letters.  If your invitations are square in shape and/or include an embellishment such as a starfish, shell, diamante or even a bow they may require further postage to prevent them from passing through automated machinery and being damaged.  CLICK HERE  for Australia Post Size & Weight Guidelines and CLICK HERE for Australia Post letter sizes and cost which may assist in posting your invitations. It may well pay to check with your post office prior to posting your invitations to ensure they arrive with your guests safely.


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